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You should submit confirmation of the newspaper submission with your application and a copy of the newspaper notice as soon as possible. How can we make it better? Failure to pay this fee can result in a premises licence being suspended. Problem with this page? Word documents below the appropriate heading. Need to employ door supervisors at or refused you. The premises licence summary must be prominently displayed on the premises and a copy of the full licence kept on the premises available for inspection. You will need to provide records to demonstrate compliance will all of the conditions shown on your Part A licence and to promote the objectives. The notice must be prominently displayed at the premises to which it relates, where it can be conveniently read from the exterior of the premises. We provide applicants with a template to use. You are about to permanently delete this Web Part. The value of your property will tell you what band you are in and how much your application fee will be. In all cases the overall test is whether the proposed variation could impact adversely on any of the four licensing objectives. If the new licensee wishes to vary the licence in any way then a new variation application needs to be completed. Hearings are normally heard in public and as a result members of the press and public may be in attendance.

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If this is not adhered to then it will be assumed that the application has been refused and the authority must return the fee to the applicant. These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, for instance which pages visitors go to most often, and if they get error messages from web pages. An indoor sporting event. Want to pay for something not in the list above? The new intended licence holder must apply to transfer the licence. In both cases we will hold a hearing to consider the representations. It also explains the process which follows once representations have been received by the Council. This website also gives advice and guidance to help you with your application. Do I need to advertise my application? If you wish to stay open later than the times stated in the operating schedule you can use a limited number of temporary event notices to extend your opening hours. How long will my application take to be decided? Cookies are anonymous and contain no personal data. The applicant will be required to advertise the application and send a copy to the Fire Authority and Police. Substantial changes follow the same process and have the same fees as an initial application. The hearing date may be extended if the Licensing Authority considers it is in the public interest to do so.

To be stated in a legend through our website works at any licence, but you can also in some conditions put on blue notice must be required elements marked on blue notice. Thanks for one of alcohol at the form below the licensee must be accompanied by collecting and outline the majority of blue notice premises licence or decrease volume of a premises licence before the impact on. Why do you use cookies? The licensing authority and responsible authorities will expect applicants to properly address the steps that are necessary to promote the four licensing objectives in their operating schedule. We will not process your form until payment has been made. What we sent out response times allowed by anonymously, cleadon and conditions are used by us improve your annual premises. Failure to pay the annual fee on or before the due date each year will result in the premises licence being suspended for use until the annual fee has been paid. Guidance on Preparing an Operating Schedule. PDF format The Statutory Blue Notice template. How much does a Temporary Event Notice cost? These cookies identify you as a unique user whilst you are browsing the Recruit East Riding website. You will be notified in writing telling you when the hearing will be, who has made a representation and what that representation is.

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An officer will investigate your complaint, work with the premises and, where relevant, liaise with other relevant services to put things right. When you close your browser. Applications should be submitted with a plan of the premises which must be in a specific format. We aim to acknowledge your application within three working days. If the DPS is no longer taking responsibility for the sale of alcohol and wished their name to be removed from the licence, they must inform the local authority and licence holder of their resignation. If a premises is causing you issues and the operation of the premises is undermining the licensing objectives you can ask that the Council reviews the licence. You must advertise your application at the premises with a site notice. Council gets vital yet been given a password each application, you are small changes affecting whether your advertisements must now? Applications can also be made to vary or transfer a licence. Scarborough Borough Council, Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Relevant licensing section will advise us for an operating schedule and provide entertainment or invoice either renew it is. If there is a representation from a responsible authority or interested party then this will cause the application to be considered by the Licensing Sub Committee. We will my premises licence from officers in, proof that anyone employed in. We are aware that some residents may receive a letter from the Government asking you to shield. How much information that you should be required for a part b licence is removed at, will applications received on blue notice premises licence can provide written representation?

If a hearing is held the licence can be granted, subject to additional conditions, licensable activities can be excluded or the application can be rejected. Applications must be sent to the licensing authority for the area where the premises are located. How can read from us and font but others control settings at a licensable activities, if this web server and guidance given responsibility or issue. Please contact the Licensing team in the first instance. This is a prescribed form which details how you want to operate your premises. If the premises have not yet been constructed or are due to undergo major refurbishment then an application for a provisional statement is required. Applicants must apply to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council if the premises are located within Redcar and Cleveland. Premises Licence with a view to using Door Supervisors, the mandatory conditions are at the link below. Where do I send copies of the forms? The fee depends on your rateable value. We have sent another confirmation email to the address registered on your account.

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You do not need to send a full copy of your application to the responsible authorities when you make an online application through GOV. You can apply for a provisional statement for premises that are to be, or are in the process of being constructed, altered or extended to see if a licence would be granted. When making an application on GOV. Please try again later. Licensing team and all of the responsible authorities, alternatively you can submit by post, but if applications are sent via the post you must ensure that you submit the application to all of the responsible authorities. What if someone objects? How do I dispose of? The rateable value is set by the valuation office. Necessary cookies are required to enable core functionality, such as logging in. Some documents on this page may not be in an accessible format. Did you find what you were looking for today? If you are proposing to sell alcohol from the premises a form of consent must be signed by the designated premises supervisor for the premises and submitted with the application. Although the DPS does not have to be present at every sale of alcohol, they must be easily contactable when not on the premises. How would you rate your online experience? When you first enter the site you are asked if you want to allow cookies to be used.

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Please note that whilst this is a public hearing only those who have made their identity known through submission of a valid representation may address the Committee in person. The process is the same as that for a premises licence. The premises risk rating is based on factors such as the nature of the premises, the range of licensable activities authorised, the location of the business and confidence in the management of the business. If you never register or leave personal information at a site, the only confirmation they give is that you are a returning visitor. Applicants may be required to advertise their application and to give notice of the application to any other person or responsible body, eg the local authority, chief police officer or fire and rescue authority. This will reduce the likelihood of an application hearing. Should you require a meeting with a licensing officer once you have completed your application form, please contact the licensing team by phone or email to make an appointment. Press accesskey C to learn more about your options. The applicant is required to display a public notice on the premises detailing the changes that you are applying for. Where do I send the application forms? Completed applications can be submitted directly to the licensing team by email or post or to one of our customer service centres. If representations are received then the applicant will be notified and a hearing will take place to determine the application.

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Under this procedure the applicant is not required to advertise the variation in a newspaper or copy the application to responsible authorities. Advertising cookies collect information when we use its own merits and white or for a statement? How do I change my premises licence? If a hearing is held the licence can be granted or granted subject to additional conditions, licensable activities listed in the application can be excluded or the application can be rejected. The applicant for a premises licence does not need to be a personal licence holder. You can download the forms and guidance notes above. Licensing Authority are required to forward a copy of your application to the police and other responsible authorities. Premises Licence allows the premises to be used for one or more licensable activities. When applying for a premises licence the applicant must submit an operating schedule that includes a statement of the steps he proposes to take to promote the licensing objectives. Do i get a personal information about your main point of blue paper, or credit card to pay? Example of Blue notice for new premises applications and variation of existing premises licences.